The Coucon Story

Coucon was created by Irish Triathlete and Surfer Charles Russell.

Coucon Robe - Born In Ireland


Some ideas come from places themselves. Coucon is one of them. The North Coast of Ireland is exposed to some very raw weather at the best of times.

With temperatures below freezing, relentless wind and rain come winter time... this is where the idea of Coucon was born.

As a triathlete and father of 2 sons who surfed, Charles spent plenty of time getting in and out of wetsuits in harsh conditions and exposed places. Inspiring him to design something you could change inside, that would keep you warm and protected from the elements whilst offering some privacy from the outside world. Something you could cocoon yourself in – and so the Coucon was born 2012.

Coucon Robe Founder - Charles Russell

Charles wanted to design something that was unique and had qualities like nothing else. Something that offered full protection from the elements and unrivalled warmth. So after sourcing material and coming up with designs the first Coucon was made on the North Coast of Antrim.  

Throughout the design process Charles helped design the softest lining possible. While manufacturing for this lining cost a premium Charles wanted to create a robe with materials that were like nothing else. This is still the lining we use today and why so many people love and choose Coucon over anything else on the market.

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Our Mission

Doing things differently

Inspire people that wouldn’t get outdoors to get outside and try things they would have never done.

Inspire people to enjoy the outdoors as that’s where the Coucon was born. Enjoy the outdoors and improve your experience with our products. Hopefully we will inspire you to take the leap outside your comfort zone and create memories that will last forever.

We want to make quality products that you love and will last. We are also conscious that the Coucon was inspired by nature, so we want to look after the planet that we live on. We are are currently exploring how to reduce our carbon footprint and build sustainable products for the future.