Our Changing Robes...

Our changing robes come in two styles: long sleeve and short sleeve. Both are available in kids and adults sizes.

Get Out There!

Our Coucon changing robes mean you can get outdoors & keep dry whatever the weather. Below are just some examples of the most popular changing robes, but a Coucon really is a very versatile multi-activity changing robe.

Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve?

Not sure which style is right for you? Head over to our page explaining the differences.

Coucon Changing Robes

Bourne of the elements

Born from the elements the Coucon (pronounced "coo-con") is a versatile waterproof changing robe with the outdoors and adventure in mind. Making the task of changing outside a quick and comfortable experience whilst offering optimal protection from the elements & keeping you dry.

With its highly waterproof nylon shell featuring a matt finish and our incredibly soft luxury lining that has unparalleled softness and warmth the Coucon is in a league of its own. Designed in Ireland and made from the highest quality materials this is an essential piece of kit for any outdoor activities.