Flo Bouy - Dry Swim Bag (Window)


A Dry Swim Bag keeps your possessions safe as it is waterproof. Designed for every level of swimmer plus has a window pouch for storing your phone. 
  • Double airbag system
  • Keeps kit safe and dry
  • Use without kit as tow-float
  • Ideal for self-supported and adventure swims
  • High visibility for safety
  • Builds confidence for inexperienced swimmers
  • Window pouch for storing phones etc

Keeping You &
Your Kit Safe

The Flo Bouy is designed for every level of swimmer and has a window pouch for storing your phone.

Born Of The Elements

The Coucon Story

Coucon (pronounced coo-con) was created by Irish Triathlete and Surfer Charles Russell.

Some ideas come from places themselves. Coucon is one of them. The North Coast of Ireland is exposed to some very raw weather at the best of times.

With temperatures below freezing, relentless wind and rain come winter time... this is where the idea of Coucon was born.