swimming robes keep dry

Swimming Robes to keep you dry

Our range of long and short sleeved swimming robes for men, women and children are ideal for changing after swimming & will keep you dry with our super soft lining.

Coucon - The Original Irish Swim Changing Robe - available in Mens, Womens, Adults & Kids sizes

Protecting you from the cold elements with our unique snug super soft lining - after feeling our material you won't want another swim robe! Swim robes available throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland & UK Wide.

Swim Robes FAQ's

What is a swim robe?

A swim robe otherwise referred to as a changing robe, is a long waterproof or towel robe that is used to allow easy changing inside while providing warmth and protection from the elements. Designed to help draw water away from the skin to dry the body - a swimming robe is essential for any form of swimming. Waterproof robes feature a durable outer shell and warm internal lining which is ideal in colder climates - excellent for retaining heat before and after swims

For the winter and cold extreme weather, the more robust/heavier waterproof robe is the choice of swimmers whereas in summer months or warmer climates the lighter plain towel changing robe will be the go-to choice that is lighter in weight and ideal for drying

What's it for?

A swim robe has a huge range of uses and actives it can be used for. The main one being to change in and out of swimming gear pre /post swim, while retaining heat and drying wet skin - After all, it is a 'swim' Robe. Its full-length coverage is designed to provide extra heat and protect you from the rain if using a waterproof version. Long sleeve robes provide maximum protection and warmth by providing coverage for the whole body

It can also be used to put on over wet swim gear to travel home in or from place to place keeping you warm and dry without feeling overexposed.

In recent years people have been known to use swim robes more as long coats moving away from the term swim robe and becoming more synonymous as a dry robe, used more for more light actives and social events to stay warm and dry

How do I use one?

Changing robes are designed to be an oversized fit to allow maximum room inside for changing. You should have enough space inside to move your arms around freely and provide enough room to put on a wetsuit or change into clothes inside.

We recommend a quick towel dry before you put on your robe to help remove the majority of excess water. Swim robes should wick excess water away but to save your robe from absorbing it all we suggest a little towel dry before putting it on.

Either put your arms through the sleeves and zip up the robe from the outside or zip it up from the inside if it has reversible zips. Either change completely inside or dress your lower half then to make things easier to remove your arms from the sleeve, unzip the front and take the robe off your shoulder so it slides down to your waist to allow you to dress your top half

Wear the waterproof changing robe after activities to change in or use it wherever you want to stay warm and dry

What should I wear after swimming?

After being in any form of cold water we recommend you change into warm comfortable clothing that is easy to put on and may absorb any excess water that you missed when drying. We would recommend jogging bottoms and a long sleeve t-shirt with a hoodie.

Be sure to remove your wet swim stuff and then change into your dry clothing after a swim. You can also bring a hot water bottle to put inside your robe to help heat you up afterward

What are the benefits?

The benefit of cold water swimming/dipping are endless, some of the main benefits are:

Improved circulation; Deepen sleep; Boosting energy levels; Reducing inflammation; Improving metabolic function; Improve mood.

You always feel better after being in cold water and it's a great way to start your day!

The Benefits of using a swim robe are clear also!

  • Provide protection from the elements by keeping you dry.
  • Long coverage and internal lining provide excellent warmth and comfort
  • Allow easy changing inside.
  • The internal lining helps to dry and wick water off the skin.
  • They can be worth like a coat and used for a massive range of activates
  • Stylish robes can be very fashionable and can look great while doing activities you love.
  • Can be packed down to a small size to transport when not using

What is the best swim robe?

There is a large range of swim robes on the market each with its own styles and benefits. At Coucon we pride ourselves on our robes being the highest quality and most stylish robes on the market. Featuring the softest and most luxurious lining that you won't ever want to take off. Highly waterproof outer shell rated to 10k. Stylish minimal design with a range of beautiful matt finish colours to choose from. Our robes are built to last with premium Nylon outer shell and genuine reversible YKK zips so it can take whatever you throw at it - A Coucon will last you years. Choose the best swim robe on the market choose coucon