Coucon Care Instructions

Your Coucon does not need washed on a regular basis. The Coucon's waterproof outer shell needs as little washing as possible, as this process could age the garment and reduce it lifespan, the same as any outdoor clothing.

If your robe does get dirty, try cleaning it with a damp cloth to avoid a full wash if possible. Your Coucon is machine washable if necessary and will retain its waterproof properties provided you follow the care instructions.

Always dry at room temperature between uses or after wash. Never expose your Coucon to any heat source to dry – drying in this way could damage the waterproof coating and or the inner lining.

Do not store or dry your Coucon in Sunlight as this can affect the integrity of the outer shell.


1. Wash Robe inside out.

2. Hand wash or Delicate Machine wash at Max 30 degrees. Cold wash by hand is always recommended. 

3. Use No Bio powder. 

4. Always hang dry at room temperature.


1. Hot wash 

2. Dry clean or Iron

3. Use Bio Powder

4. Use Fabric Softener

5. Tumble Dry 

6. Expose To Any Heat Source

7. Bleach

8. Store Or Dry In Sunlight