Once again, the outdoor swim season in Ireland is imminent, looming close and ready to test your metal when it comes to outdoor swimming in Ireland. The hardy souls who brave the water without wet suits and the less hardy souls who brave the water with wet suits, both are subjected to a serious temperature change/adjustment. It is a serious business requiring mental strength and determination. Those who have subjected themselves to this experience, know the feeling of shock and elation when its all over and you're pulling on your Coucon lambskin-lined colourful, fashionable sports robe. Our new range of bright multi-coloured swim caps will be available soon for purchase in bulk or individually. They provide a clearly visible sight in open water, both from a safety point of view and an attractive appearance. Welcome to the new outdoor season, enjoy, be safe and we at Coucon Outdoor are there to support and serve your needs.


April 05, 2017 — Charles Russell