Little Lambs - The Coucon Outdoor Robe keeps your kids snug as a bug in a rug!

The Coucon Outdoor Robe comes in very handy in our changeable climate.  Now that Summer is back to its good old irregular self in the UK and Ireland we are seeing the benefits of using our outdoor changing poncho to stretch out visits to the beach and keep our little lams warm and cosy for longer.

It's great to get outdoors and it's even better to set these habits in our children early in life - to give them the richness and diversity of experience that only the outdoors can offer.

The Coucon - A review of our outdoor changing poncho or changing robe

Forget about a changing robe towel and join Coucon Outdoor in the revolution by using the best open water gear. 

Check out this fabulous independent review by independent outdoor expert, Sergeant Fruitcake.  You’ll see all the reasons that the Coucon Outdoor Robe or as it has also been referred to - The Coucon.  It’s the outdoor specialists’ and enthusiasts’ choice as a wetsuit changing robe, changing robe for surfing or changing poncho in the arena today. 

Through our good friend Keith at Outdoor and Country Sports, we were directed to the wild-man of outdoor reviews - Sergeant Fruitcake who has a fantastically engaged following on his media channel.  With over 4,000 subscribers and nearly half a million views.  I caught up with him recently and here’s what he’s about. Enter Sergeant Fruitcake:


Coucon:  Welcome Sergeant Sir!

Sarge: At ease... lol

Coucon: Can you tell us a little about your channel?

Sarge: Its a bit Nutty....Its a bit Funny... Some people even say its "Educational"!!..

Coucon:  What do you cover in terms of kit?  We’re keen to get views from outdoor enthusiasts who want to be enveloped in a warm, cosy and water resistant ‘outdoor changing robe'... hint hint!! lol

Sarge: We have everything from Kit Reviews to Fun around the Fire, camping to handy tips, thrills and spills ahoy.

Coucon: Thanks - we look forward to your review - much appreciate your input and that of your super users!

Sarge: Your’re welcome - I hope you enjoy your stay.  God Bless!


Here is Coucon Outdoor Robe review from Sergeant Fruitcake!

PS - check out the amazing (and ultra useful) feedback from his followers - a fine group of resourceful and capable outdoor types.


Coucon have been on the market since Easter 2014 and early indications are that this product will become a must have garment in many outdoor activities such as surfing camping, fishing and triathlon - not to mention the families of beach goers and festival goers wanting to be enveloped in a warm, cosy and water resistant outdoor robe.


Buy one now! 

What music gets you ready for your open water experience? Brought to you Coucon Outdoor Changing Robes

I’ve been competing in Triathlon since 1984 (George Orwell eat your heart out!) and in all that time I have always got my game face on by listening to songs like Wolfmother by the The White Unicorn.  You can hear it on this video where we’ve tipped the hat to this awesome tune.  You can also get it on iTunes too.


Music has a positive effect in terms of enveloping me in a mental cocoon (Coucon in French - see!) where I can prepare myself for the task at hand.  Our outdoor changing poncho ensures you are enveloped in a warm, cosy and water resistant outdoor robe - a huge benefit for an athlete physiologically and psychologically and one of the main reasons we are seeing huge interest in our product from the specialists in the field of open water swimming, surfing, SUP, kayaking ,Triathlon , fishing and Bushcraft.

Sergeant Fruitcake’s review of our product provides the many reasons that the Coucon Outdoor Robe is the outdoor specialists’ and enthusiasts’ choice as a wetsuit changing robe, changing robe for surfing or changing poncho in the arena today. 


Which of these tunes gets you stoked for your aqua adventure?

- Crazy in Love - Beyonce and Jay-Z

-  Stronger - Kanye West

-  Rehab - Amy Winehouse

-  Pride (A Deeper Love) - C&C Music Factory

-  Wolfmother – The White Unicorn (our favourite!)

-  Woman in Love - Mark Bolan


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We will report in some of the tunes that get our friends going from the world of open water activities as we get them.  Keep well and keep safe.


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